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Scope and the Importance

Toxicology is the branch of science which deals with the adverse effects that occur in living organisms and their environment due to chemicals, physical, biological substances and treating exposures to toxins and toxicants. Toxicology testing protocols that need to be followed are already present in the emergent nations of the world across industries such as reagents, pesticides, buyer’s products, medical products, and food additives. These tests are necessary for the products to be given the green signal and with the increasing trend, toxicology studies are deployed across the industries and research fields.

Benefits of attending the conference

International Conference on Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacology gives you the opportunity to pay attention to different overview perspective and learn new ideas and updates about Clinical Toxicology. Crucially, it increases the curiosity in you which leads to further discoveries. Moreover, it will modernize you with the new approaches, new types of equipment, software, and devices including the data that is yet to be published and make a close association with the analysts that you may not have aware of.

It will also provide you with some different assistance routes in your research work by receiving feedback from the experts and researchers in Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacology Conference. It will also bring massive lifetime opportunities to interact with diverse attendees from different parts of the 18+ countries with different perspectives and views, learn from them, make new relationships and strengthen the existing ones by sharing your innovative ideas.

Singapore is both an island and a country known as the longest art gallery of the world, an emerging center for biotechnology and research in the fields of pharmaceuticalsmedical engineering and Clinical Toxicology and also comprises an innovative life science industry, strong academia and world's leading infrastructure for research. Singapore is the 5th most visited city in the world and 2nd in the Asia-Pacific.


Renovate yourself by confronting all the leaders in this event. Moreover, you will get the chance to relish Singapore as it is one of the beautiful artistic countries where the conference is being held and enjoy the unique and bizarre beauty.

Target Audience

Toxicology Researchers, Pharmacology Professionals, Pathology Researchers, Genetic Researchers, Academicians and Industrialists, Students and Young Researchers, Toxicology Societies and Association People, Toxicology testing labs, Toxicology Expert Witness, FDA Consultants, Preclinical CRO.

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