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Singapore is both an island and a country known as the longest art gallery of the world, an emerging center for biotechnology and research in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical engineering and Clinical Toxicology and also comprises an innovative life science industry, strong academia and world's leading infrastructure for research. Singapore is the 5th most visited city in the world and 2nd in the Asia-Pacific. Singapore is a highly developed country and is ranked 9th on the UN Human Development Index, the highest in Asia for a sovereign state, with the 7th highest GDP per capita in the world. Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate with no distinctive seasons, uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity, and abundant rainfall. The Singaporean economy is known as one of the freest. most innovative, most competitive, most dynamic and most business-friendly. Singapore promotes itself as a medical tourism hub, with about 200,000 foreigners seeking medical care there each year. Internet in Singapore is provided by state-owned Singtel, partially state-owned Starhub and M1 Limited as well as some other business internet service providers (ISPs) that offer residential service plans of speeds up to 2 Gbit/s as of spring 2015. Singapore is a major international transport hub in Asia, serving some of the busiest sea and air trade routes. 

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